Service & Support

Comprehensive Support for your Printers

When problems arise with your printers, FTG Texas will be there to help. Thanks to our monitoring reports, we can:

  • Spot and resolve issues proactively
  • Restock your supplies quickly


FTG Texas also offers accessible and competent HelpDesk support. Whenever you have a problem with one of our printers, call the 800 number on the machine and we’ll help you restore it operationally.

If we can’t resolve the issue over the phone, we’ll dispatch a technician to your location as quickly as possible. FTG Texas’s seasoned staff will address your equipment problem efficiently and discreetly.


At FTG Texas, we don’t just focus on your present needs; we help you anticipate your future needs, as well.

Part of our Managed Print programs includes ongoing optimization of your printing infrastructure. On a quarterly or semi-annual basis, FTG Texas can review your usage trends and discuss your evolving demands. If warranted and advised, you can upgrade your devices from our stock of multifunctional printers and other office equipment. In this fashion, FTG Texas’s work supports and fosters the continuous growth of your business.


Our printer solutions can lower expenses, improve productivity and keep your business secure. Click on the links below to learn more or contact us to get a personalized assessment of what we can do for you.

Service Assessment

We don’t just stop at your immediate needs, we use our consultative approach to anticipate how we can help you now and into the future. Let us help you get where you want to be. Request your In-Depth FTG Texas Analysis today and we can start working on the best solution for your business.