Solutions Driven Focus vs. OEM Brand Specific

FTG Texas has the flexibility to use any printer vendor. We aren’t beholden to 1 or 2 printer companies. We look at your needs first, then at our multiple printer options and customize a plan to fit your needs. Our Customer Integration team can even refurbish your older printers to fit your plan.

  • Our solution-driven option focuses on extending the life of the client’s existing assets regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Our competitor’s OEM brand-specific option requires the client to use the brand of their choosing. A costly upfront expense.
  • We will give new hardware recommendations based on usage/application after we cleaned and tested your current printer asset.

FTG Texas is a different kind of printer service company – we offer custom-fit client-specific solutions, ongoing services, technology independence and much more. Every business is different – and so is every FTG Texas partnership. Using our In-Depth FTG Texas Assessment, we can create a custom-fit program that allows people, processes, and technologies to work together seamlessly and achieve your organization’s goals.


Optimize Your Efficiency with Multifunctional All-in-One Copiers

Multitasking is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Maximizing productivity while keeping a handle on time, money and resources is a direct result of the technology and equipment you offer your team.

FTG Texas’s stock of multi-functional copiers from industry innovators like Canon and Lexmark get more work done in less time and with less energy.

Features Of Multifunctional Copiers

Our multifunctional copiers—which are also known as “all-in-one” devices—combine the features of several different machines into one machine. These products have been designed to work on less power and with less waste.

With our multifunctional systems, you can:

  • Copy and print up thousands of pages each month
  • Pull up and reprint documents easily
  • Scan hundreds of images to PDF, JPG and other formats in a matter of minutes
  • Route scanned documents to network folders, email, fax and more
  • Take advantage of finishing options like folding and binding
  • Duplex print and scan for reduced supply usage
  • Reduce your carbon footprint thanks to eco-conscious designs

Productive, Cost-Effective Laser Printers For Your Workplace

Printers are the single category of office equipment that virtually everyone in your office comes into contact with. But with so many recent technological advances, it’s easy to take these indispensable devices for granted.

If not properly staged, utilized or serviced, these printers can cost—or save—countless dollars for businesses. A single office worker can rack up thousands of dollars a year in printing hours, machine time, and supplies. In certain office environments, printing can account for as much as 3% of a company’s yearly expenses.

FTG Texas’s products and services help our clients print better, faster and more cost-effectively. Our well-established partnerships with Canon, Lexmark, and other leading manufacturers connect us to state-of-the-art printers to give you the documents you need in less time and with less waste.

Features of FTG Texas Printers

FTG Texas’s printers come with a number of distinctive features, including:

  • Clean, error-free prints in both color and black-and-white
  • Quick start-up and print times
  • Print settings to help you better manage your paper, toner and energy usage
  • Options for previewing documents before you print

Managed Print Services

FTG Texas attention to your business needs may begin with the sale of a piece of equipment, but it doesn’t stop there. We also offer a portfolio of Managed Print Services to help you get the most from these machines, minimizing downtime from device issues while more effectively managing maintenance and supply costs. For more information on our Managed Print Services click here


Making Document Scanning Effortless

Regardless of their size or industry, many businesses have found it beneficial to make scanning documents an integral part of their operations. Companies with the ability to convert paper files into easily transferable electronic formats minimize costs and human resources simultaneously.

FTG Texas can put the technology to make scanning effortless at your fingertips. In addition to our multifunctional systems, we offer powerful, stand-alone scanners. Whether it’s in color or black and white, converting a paper document into electronic form has never been easier.


FTG Texas’s scanners give you the ability to scan to different locations easily. These include:

  • Scan to Email
    Scanning to email, one of the most common types of scanning in business today, can provide one of the biggest boosts to operational efficiency. At a time when more and more customers demand documentation via email, this scanning capability has become a necessity for many companies.
  • Scan to File
    Our devices can scan any document to virtually any network folder, internet folder or a specific user’s desktop.
  • Scan to OCR
    OCR (optical character recognition) allows users to convert scanned documents to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Corel WordPerfect, and other applications. Once this operational step is complete, these documents can be put to use without retyping anything. That means more time for more productive tasks.
  • Scan to Electronic Document Management
    Scanning to an electronic document management system (EDMS) has become a necessary process for many businesses as well. Some of the equipment available from FTG Texas allows you not only to scan to EDMS, but to name and index files directly from the device, as well.

FTG Texas can also provide you with document management software to help streamline your workflow and enhance your network’s security. See our Professional Services page for more information.



Producing Professional-Level Documents at Optimal Speeds

In order to express and sustain their image and brand, as well as those of their customers, some businesses require the highest quality printed materials. For those clients who need the ability to print professional-level documents, FTG Texas has an inventory of superior production printers, capable of printing a variety of documents, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Flyers
  • Bulletins
  • Company Reports
  • Case Files
  • Marketing Materials

Features of Production Printers

OET’s production printers come with a number of superior features, including:

  • High Resolution
    Our devices deliver the sharp details you need for corporate and promotional materials.
  • Reliable, Eco-Friendly Design
    Designed to deliver consistent quality even on extended jobs, our production printers will give you vivid, flawless pages, time and time again. To increase your efficiency, even more, some devices give you the option of queuing print jobs to run one after the next.

Not only do our production print machines offer you high caliber prints, but they also do so with less energy. Models available from FTG Texas function by reusing generated heat, lowering your carbon footprint without sacrificing productivity.

For more information on our production print capabilities, Click Here

Print and Other Services

FTG Texas has more in store to improve your business operations. With Managed Print Services, you can monitor how your devices are used, install upgrades with minimal inconvenience and pursue other operational efficiencies.


Larger Documents, Same High Quality

Customers in such fields as fine art, engineering or architecture may need larger documents than a standard sheet of paper can hold. If you’re in this category, FTG Texas can offer you a selection of first-rate, wide format printers. These devices help dedicated artisans and graphic professionals achieve extraordinary results.

Features of FTG Texas s Wide Format Printers

FTG Texas’s wide format systems enable you to print different kinds of larger drawings, including the following:

  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)
  • Mechanical CAD (MCAD)
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Available from FTG Texas can:

  • Integrate seamlessly with most CAD software
  • Print documents quickly, thanks to advanced raster image processors (RIP)
  • Scan drawings and field notes to your computer
  • Print onsite for optimal productivity

Matching Advanced Technology with your Budget

FTG Texas understands that no two clients’ equipment needs are exactly alike. For customers with budget constraints or those who only need products for specific projects, we offer certified equipment for lease. With this arrangement, you can gain access to our selection of equipment from leading manufacturers like Canon and Lexmark.


Our printer solutions can lower expenses, improve productivity and keep your business secure. Click on the links below to learn more or contact us to get a personalized assessment of what we can do for you.

Interested in Learning More

We can provide you a personalized assessment to help manage your print needs more effectively. Whether you are looking to upgrade, lower cost, streamline, or secure — FTG Texas has a solution that fits your needs.

Vendor Partnerships

While FTG Texas is a truly vendor-neutral printer service provider, we maintain strategic alliances with the world’s largest and most reliable printer companies in order to get the best price for our customer’s needs. To see the kind of printers we can provide your company, click on the options below.