We are the Largest Printer, Copier, and Office Technology Solutions Provider in Texas and Arkansas.

We find the best solution for your needs, regardless of your current fleet. We manage all service/supply requests, inventory management, and billing from our centralized headquarters to maintain consistent first-class support to clients.

Our Technology Solutions

Managed Print Solutions

There is a multitude of benefits for businesses, streamlining their printing needs and reducing costs. MPS optimizes printer use, ensuring that devices are used at their maximum efficiency while minimizing waste. This leads to a significant reduction in printing costs.

Production Printers

Significantly enhance efficiency and quality in high-volume printing scenarios, offering businesses the ability to rapidly produce large quantities of high-quality prints. Streamline the printing process, reducing time and labor costs, and also ensure consistency and reliability in the production of marketing materials, publications, and other large-scale print projects.

Document Management Software

Streamlined your organization with easy retrieval of documents, greatly enhancing efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Document management software solutions also provide robust security features and version control, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of important documents while facilitating collaboration and access control.

Printers & Copiers

Office copiers and printers are pivotal for modern businesses, offering fast and reliable printing, copying, and scanning capabilities that enhance workplace productivity and efficiency. They often come with advanced features such as wireless connectivity, automatic document feeding, and duplex printing, to save time, reduce paper usage, and increase efficiencies.

Welcome to FTG Texas

FTG Texas is Simply Different by Design

With our locations in Houston, Dallas, Texarkana, and El Dorado, we bring the best partners in the industry to you. We partner with companies like Canon, Lexmark, HP, Ricoh, and Epson to bring you state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class products to deliver a customized solution to fit your specific business needs.

Forget about cookie-cutter solutions. FTG-TX is a different kind of managed print services company – one that’s based entirely on your needs, not predetermined technology offerings. Comprehensive, cost-effective, and customized just for you – that’s the FTG-TX difference.

FTG-TX is part of the Flex Technology Group family of companies. To learn more about FTG and how our customers benefit from the relationship, click here!

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FTG Texas has the track record of success in reducing IT time, improving document workflow and reducing costs in many different vertical markets.

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MPS for healthcare

Improve care with visibility and control!

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