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Most organizations’ technology purchases operated within a predefined budget, and as a result, there are times where it’s important to consider cost saving measures to ensure that you will meet your organization’s technology needs. When it comes to office technology like copiers, it may be important to decide whether it’s best to purchase a new or used copier.

As a known copier dealer in Houston, Texas, we are often approached by prospective customers asking whether it is a better option to purchase used or new office copiers. This article will breakdown the differences between used and new copiers, but ultimately, the best choice will depend on the needs of your organization.


Benefits of Buying a New Copier

When it comes to technology, it often makes sense to purchase new. To no surprise, copiers have evolved to become more complex than they once were, and copier dealers continuously work to develop more advanced devices that help businesses operate more efficiently.

As a result, it isn’t uncommon for a business to lease a new copier for four or five years and decide to upgrade for a newer model before their lease is complete. Simply put, multifunction copiers develop substantially in the span of three to five years, and what was once a highly efficient device with the latest advancements is now yesterday’s news.

Some advantages of buying a new copier include:

  • Newer parts that assist in avoiding escalating maintenance costs and downtime
  • New features that may increase efficiency or ease-of-use within your organization
  • Lower service pricing as a result of a reduced need for maintenance

The last bullet is often the biggest benefit because it will save you some money if you do a lot of printing.


Benefits of Buying a Used Copier

Used copiers can be a great value for organizations who wish to save some money on the front end of their copier purchase. Like other purchases, “used” can be applied to machines that are practically new.

Consider a used car.

There is a big difference between a five year old vehicle with 70,000 miles on it and one that was recently driven off the lot and returned after only a few months (with only a few hundred miles). Office copiers are no different. As the person responsible for managing your organization’s office technology budget, you can find significant savings by purchasing a copier that has recently been “driven” off the lot.

There are instances where businesses purchase an office copier only to decide shortly after that they need something different (whether it is the need for more or less speed, volume capacity, or features). As a result, the new machine is returned and replaced with a different machine.

In instances like the one mentioned above, someone else absorbs the cost of the new machine and you reap the benefits of the “used” machine. If you are considering a used machine purchase, make sure to check the number of “clicks” logged on the machine. This is like the odometer on a car.

A newer model could appear to be a great value, but if it has been worked to death (ex: many copies made on a machine that isn’t designed for that much volume), you may not be getting the deal you had hoped for.


Comparing New and Used Copiers

Which Are Better: Used or New Copiers?

As always, deciding on a used vs new office copier should be based on the unique needs of your organization. In order to determine which is right for you, consider the following when making your decision:

  • Print quality – if you are in need of high quality prints, a new machine may be better for you with newer technology.
  • Volume – the amount of printing you expect your office to do is important to consider. Older machines are more likely to breakdown and require more maintenance if ran too often.
  • Security – although security has improved across all machines for years, a new machine may be able to offer your organization the latest in secure printing. If you are in a sensitive office environment like a law firm or medical practice, higher security may be of more value to protect important information. 
  • Budget – if you are on a limited budget and can find a used copier with low clicks, this may be the best option for you.

These are important factors to consider when determining if new or used is best for your organization, but they certainly aren’t the only ones to evaluate. When it comes to determining if the cost of a copier is worth it, ensure you are comparing apples to apples. This means making sure the machines are similar in model, make, year, and copy counts (similar to a car). Once you do that, you can be sure you are comparing like devices.

This article represents some of the most important considerations when deciding between the purchase of a new or used copier, but they certainly don’t represent all of them. If you have more questions, reach out! We would be happy to help you.


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